Welcome to Burga Farm Villa

A once used farmhouse is now a superb villa located in the north western area of Catalonia and roughly 100km (60 miles) from Barcelona. Burga Farm Villa has 7 bedrooms at best in which a total of 14 people can sleep at one time. A private pool and terrace is a unique feature of this villa, and not to mention the outstanding natural environment with walkways and paths to explore.

Surrounded by natural scenery and breathtaking views is a house on a hill, alone and isolated from mainstream activities of the town. The house is a very private and out of the way villa in the Catalonia region of Spain, children have the space to roam and play in acres of land. The swimming pool is in the centre of a large terrace where deck chairs, sun beds and shades can be placed.
A porch decorated patio leads to a salary calculator barbecue area with a grill and BBQ with a playground area for children. The nearest residents are 1km away, surrounded by landscape and hills this makes the location of the house very isolated and private.

The Old Farmhouse

This original farm house is a 7 bedroom Villa in a secluded but impressive area of Catalonia, it sleeps 14 in 7 bedrooms, has en-suite bathrooms spacious lounge and interior, acres of space surround the villa, a very large garden with a private pool and its own terrace.

The Burga Farmhouse is available during the summer season between March to October each year, you can email the address below for more details, and on the best dates for renting.

Email: brendon.harris@aecae.es for further details